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February 2020 has been an exciting month. With lots of activities going on to prepare for the launch of Revelation, I’ve been thrilled to appear on lots of blog posts.

A huge thanks to all the bloggers who kindly gave me airspace.

I wanted to get all the links in one place so you can check out lots of different aspects of Revelation, but also to give credit to all those lovely bloggers, and allow you to check out their fabulous websites.


This first set includes guest posts by me, or interviews, or in the case of Sue’s, a video of part of my launch!

Sue Barnard –

Kellie Butler –

New In Books –

Lizzie Chantree –

Catherine Fearns –

Miriam Drori –

Alice Castle –


The following are from the Blog Tour With Rachel’s Random Resources, and are mostly similar, but as the bloggers kindly gave my new book space in their busy blogs, I wanted to reciprocate by promoting their blogs here.

I’ve marked the posts where the bloggers have taken additional time to read and review Revelation. Thank you to the bloggers for these reviews. I’m delighted you all liked it so much.

#PublicationDayPush “Revelation (A Becky White Thriller)” by Jo Fenton

PUBLICATION DAY PUSH – Revelation by Jo Fenton (includes review)

#PublicationDay #BookPromo for Revelation by Jo Fenton @rararesources #TheRevelation #Giveaway #Win #ABeckyWhiteThriller

Spotlight: Revelation by Jo Fenton (includes review)

#PublicationDayPush #RachelsRandomResources @rararesources / #PromoPost : Revelation – Jo Fenton @jl_fenton @crookedcatbooks @darkstrokedark

Revelation by Jo Fenton / #SpotlightPost #PublicationDayPush @rararesources @jl_fenton (includes review)

#Promo for Revelation (A Becky White Thriller) by Jo Fenton

Revelation by Jo Fenton (includes review) (includes review)

Revelation by Jo Fenton

#BookPromo #Revelation #CrimeThriller @jl_fenton @rararesources #RachelsRandomResources (includes review) (includes review) (includes review)  (includes review) (includes review)