Thursday Themes – Tom Halford

I'm very happy today to be welcoming the talented Tom Halford to my Thursday Themes blog. Tom has joined me to discuss the themes of his newly released novel: enticingly named 'Deli Meat' Over to you, Tom... Colourless Green Conspiracies in Deli Meat by Tom Halford  Colourless green ideas sleep furiously. Noam Chomsky created that… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Tom Halford


Thursday Themes – Jess B. Moore

It is my great pleasure today to welcome the lovely Jess B. Moore to my blog to discuss the themes of The Guilt of a Sparrow. Over to you, Jess... Guilt Like it says in the title, guilt is a primary theme in The Guilt of a Sparrow.  Magnolia Porter is the younger sibling, living… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Jess B. Moore


Thursday Themes – Val Penny

For this Thursday Themes, I'm delighted to welcome Val Penny to my blog, with an extract from Hunter's Revenge - due for release on Sunday 9th September. DS Jane Renwick and DC Rachael Anderson make an interesting discovery when they go to pay the hotel where they are holding the blessing of their civil partnership.… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Val Penny