Author interviews

An Interview With Val Penny

It's my great pleasure to welcome my lovely friend, Val Penny, back on to my blog today for an interview.   Thank you so much for inviting me onto your blog today, Jo. I am delighted to have a chance to tell you and your readers about Hunter’s Force, the new novel in my series… Continue reading An Interview With Val Penny


Thursday Themes – Tom Halford

I'm very happy today to be welcoming the talented Tom Halford to my Thursday Themes blog. Tom has joined me to discuss the themes of his newly released novel: enticingly named 'Deli Meat' Over to you, Tom... Colourless Green Conspiracies in Deli Meat by Tom Halford  Colourless green ideas sleep furiously. Noam Chomsky created that… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Tom Halford


Thursday Themes – Jess B. Moore

It is my great pleasure today to welcome the lovely Jess B. Moore to my blog to discuss the themes of The Guilt of a Sparrow. Over to you, Jess... Guilt Like it says in the title, guilt is a primary theme in The Guilt of a Sparrow.  Magnolia Porter is the younger sibling, living… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Jess B. Moore


Thursday Themes – Elisabeth Carpenter

  I'm delighted to welcome the lovely and talented Elisabeth Carpenter to my Thursday Themes blog today, to discuss writing about dark themes (definitely a subject I can relate to!)   Writing about dark themes - by Elisabeth Carpenter My books so far have dealt with many dark themes: missing children, family secrets, affairs, and… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Elisabeth Carpenter


Thursday Themes – Sue Barnard

Today, I am thrilled and delighted to be able to welcome my friend and editor, Sue Barnard to my blog. Sue's here to talk about the themes of her latest novel, Heathcliff...   LOVE, HEARTBREAK AND REVENGE On 30 July 2018 – the bicentenary of the birth of Emily Brontë – my latest novel Heathcliff… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Sue Barnard


Thursday Themes – Maisie Porter

I'm delighted to welcome Maisie Porter to my blog today to discuss the themes of her new novel, No Reception.   No Reception tells a tale of two women who appear at first to be mirror opposites in every aspect of their lives—professional success, material comfort, body type, love life—but will find their lives entwining… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Maisie Porter