Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Karen Moore

I am really excited today, because my friend, fellow Manchester Scribe and darkstroke author, Karen Moore, is joining me to discuss her latest novel, Release. The Themes of Release  I’ve always been fascinated by the way ordinary people can react so differently to difficult situations, sometimes in ways that surprise even themselves. Such experiences can… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Karen Moore

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Thursday Themes – Penny Hampson

It's my great pleasure today to welcome back Penny Hampson to my blog to talk about the themes of her latest novel, A Plethora of Phantoms. Unsurprisingly, fear is a major theme running through my latest novel, A Plethora of Phantoms, it is a tale about haunted houses and poltergeist action after all. But I… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Penny Hampson

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Henry Corrigan

I'm thrilled to be welcoming fellow darkstroke author to my Thursday Themes blog today. Henry Corrigan joins me with a thought-provoking insight into his new novel, A Man In Pieces, which is released tomorrow. After reading the blog post and brilliant excerpt below, I'm heading straight over to Amazon to get this ordered! A Man… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Henry Corrigan

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – GJ Scobie

It's my great pleasure to introduce GJ Scobie to my blog today. GJ is here to talk about the themes of his Cyber Thriller, The Kill Chain, which I personally can't wait to read, but have a sneaking feeling I won't be able to put it down once I get started... Themes of The Kill… Continue reading Thursday Themes – GJ Scobie

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Thursday Themes – PJ McIlvaine

I'm delighted to welcome another fellow Darkstroke author to my blog today. PJ McIlvaine joins me to discuss the themes of her latest novel and how it relates to her own history. I can't wait to read this book for myself! Violet Yorke and Me by PJ McIlvaine I wish I could say that the… Continue reading Thursday Themes – PJ McIlvaine

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Thursday Themes – Gary Kruse

Welcome back to my blog! I'm thrilled to be kicking off a new season of Thursday Themes with fellow Darkstroke Author, Gary Kruse, who joins me today to talk about the themes of his fabulous debut novel, Badlands. The Themes of Badlands. The tagline on the cover of Badlands reads “Deception Betrayal Conspiracy” and while… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Gary Kruse

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Anne Coates

To kick off my blog for the new year, I'm delighted to welcome crime thriller author, Anne Coates, to discuss the themes of her Hannah Weybridge series, and particularly the latest book, Stage Call.   Over to you, Anne... At the heart of my Hannah Weybridge crime thriller series is the fact that my protagonist… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Anne Coates

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Jessica Thompson

Today, I'm delighted to welcome back fellow Darkstroke author, Jessica Thompson, to talk about the themes of her latest novel, released only last week. I can't wait to read it and have bumped it up to the top of my TBR pile! Thanks so much for having me, Jo! The theme I had in mind… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Jessica Thompson

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Alison Knight

I'm delighted this evening to welcome back my friend and fellow Darkstroke author, Alison Knight, to talk about the themes of her latest novel, The Hidden. I can't wait to read this new book! Update: I've just finished reading it and it's totally brilliant! Highly recommended 😊. THURSDAY THEMES with Alison Knight – Living with… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Alison Knight

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Ros Rendle

We have a double helping of Thursday Themes today! First, I'm excited to introduce Ros Rendle, an author who is new to me, but whose book is now high on my TBR pile after reading this great post about the themes of her latest novel, The Warring Heart. Over to you, Ros...   The Warring… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Ros Rendle