Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – GJ Scobie

It's my great pleasure to introduce GJ Scobie to my blog today. GJ is here to talk about the themes of his Cyber Thriller, The Kill Chain, which I personally can't wait to read, but have a sneaking feeling I won't be able to put it down once I get started... Themes of The Kill… Continue reading Thursday Themes – GJ Scobie

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Anne Coates

To kick off my blog for the new year, I'm delighted to welcome crime thriller author, Anne Coates, to discuss the themes of her Hannah Weybridge series, and particularly the latest book, Stage Call.   Over to you, Anne... At the heart of my Hannah Weybridge crime thriller series is the fact that my protagonist… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Anne Coates


Thursday Themes – Karen Moore

For the second helping of Thursday Themes for today, I'm delighted to welcome back my friend, and fellow Manchester Scribes writer, Karen Moore, to discuss her new book, Release. This is the sequel to Torn, and is just as brilliant!   Thank you, Jo, for this opportunity to talk about my new book, a thriller… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Karen Moore

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Olga Swan

I'm delighted to welcome Olga Swan back to my blog - this time to talk about the themes of her new novel.   Thank you so much Jo for allowing me on your blog. I’ve been working towards The Meleke Stone for over 70 years. It’s a novel with a strong underlying message. Read the… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Olga Swan

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Miriam Drori

I am delighted to welcome my lovely friend and fellow Darkstroke author, Miriam Drori to my Thursday Themes blog to discuss her latest novel, Style and The Solitary... Thank you, Jo, for inviting me to talk about the themes in my latest novel, Style and the Solitary. Here they are. Belief in Another Person The… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Miriam Drori

Themes, Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Ashley Meggitt

It's my great pleasure today to welcome Ashley Meggitt to my blog to discuss the themes of his new novel, The Dark Chorus. Ashley also addresses the fascinating subject of themes in general...   Jo’s blog is prompting the question of themes and when I sat down to write this piece it occurred to me… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Ashley Meggitt

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Pam Lecky

I'm delighted to welcome the first of two authors to my blog today. I 'met' both of these authors in the UK Crime Book Club group, and it's a great pleasure to see them here. First up today is Pam Lecky, and I'll hand over to Pam to introduce her latest book and the themes...… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Pam Lecky


Thursday Themes – Lizzie Chantree

For my last blog before Christmas, it's my great pleasure to be joined by the lovely Lizzie Chantree. Lizzie is here today to discuss the themes of her newest novel. Over to you, Lizzie... Thank you for inviting me onto your blog today Jo. I am a romantic comedy writer and I absolutely love my… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Lizzie Chantree


Thursday Themes – Jennifer C Wilson

I'm delighted in this Halloween week to be welcoming this brilliant author of ghost stories. Jennifer C Wilson has joined me to discuss the themes of her amazing historical novels...   Hi Jo, and thanks for inviting me onto your blog today.   If I’m honest (and I probably should be), I’ve always felt a… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Jennifer C Wilson