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Thursday Themes – Ashley Meggitt

It's my great pleasure today to welcome Ashley Meggitt to my blog to discuss the themes of his new novel, The Dark Chorus. Ashley also addresses the fascinating subject of themes in general...   Jo’s blog is prompting the question of themes and when I sat down to write this piece it occurred to me… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Ashley Meggitt

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Susan King

Today it's a huge pleasure to welcome my lovely friend, Susan King, on to my Thursday Themes blog to discuss her debut novel, Marrow Jam. One of the advantages of being at home at the moment, is being able to read a funny book without laughing out loud in the middle of a packed train!… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Susan King

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Morwenna Blackwood

Today I'm delighted to welcome debut author, Morwenna Blackwood on to my blog. The (D)Evolution of Us is her first novel, due out on 4th May, and I can't wait to read it. Over to you, Morwenna... I spent most of my childhood and teenage years hiding in libraries; now, I carry my own personal one… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Morwenna Blackwood