Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Joan Livingston

I'm very excited today to welcome Joan Livingston to my blog. Joan is the talented author of the Isabel Long detective series, and her third book, Checking The Traps is out tomorrow. Over to you, Joan... Theme in Checking the Traps: Perseverance By Joan Livingston   Hi, Jo. Thank you for this opportunity to appear… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Joan Livingston


Thursday Themes – Angela Wren

Today I'm thrilled to be joined on my blog by the lovely and talented author, Angela Wren. Angela's post provides a fascinating insight into the themes of her novels and a great discussion of the central themes in 'cosy crime'. Over to you, Angela...   Hi, Jo and thanks for inviting me to your blog… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Angela Wren


Thursday Themes – Alison O’Leary

Today, it's my great pleasure to welcome Alison O'Leary to my Thursday Themes blog. Alison's debut novel, Street Cat Blues, has just been released for publication by Crooked Cat Books (very appropriately!). I've just started reading Street Cat Blues, and it's drawn me in straight away. Over to Alison to tell you about this brilliant… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Alison O’Leary


Thursday Themes – Kate Braithwaite

I'm delighted to welcome Kate Braithwaite to my blog today. I'm currently in the middle of reading The Road to Newgate, and thoroughly enjoying it! Over to you, Kate... The Road to Newgate is set in Restoration London. It’s a historical crime novel based on the true events of the Popish Plot when an unknown… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Kate Braithwaite