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Book Review – Someone’s Always Watching by JR Lancaster

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My Review:

Someone’s Always Watching is an entertaining crime novel, with believable characters and a good, strong plot. Set in a village, the story revolves around Basil, a likeable, but socially awkward young man who has been a recluse for the last 10 years. When the woman next door gets murdered, similarities to the killing of his mother draw him to connect with the detective on the case, Dowden, and local barmaid and one-time schoolfriend, Poppy. Working together with the woman who has looked after Basil since the death of his mother, the protagonists set out to solve the crime.

There are several potential suspects, each with a great motive, and all are credible, well-drawn and multi-dimensional characters. As the novel progresses, the tension increases and I was keen to get to the end to find out if all protagonists made it safely to the end of the story.

I would definitely recommend this book. If you like cosy crime, it’s definitely worth a read.


About the Book:

SOMEONE’S ALWAYS WATCHING follows Basil Billinsgly, a quirky horticulturist who became a recluse following his own implication in the unsolved murder of his mother. After spending ten years in solitude with none to keep him company but his mother’s best friend, Maude Greene, Basil is about to get thrust into the thick of a murder investigation he wanted no part of.

What began as a quiet morning in his conservatory turned deadly in the little village of Badgers Hollow. Detective Chief Inspector Dowden Thornhill turns up on Basil’s doorstep prepared to get answers to his questions from the only man on the street that never leaves. After realizing the murder of a young mother looks too similar to that of his own, Basil becomes determined to help these children not suffer from the same fate.

Together they team with the assertive Barmaid, Poppy Pembrook, to sift through clues and secrets that could lead them into the hands of killer. As they get closer to the truth, Mrs. Greene and Poppy go missing, forcing Basil to face the demons of his past on his own. Will he fight for them or for isolation?


About the Author:

J.R. Lancaster is a published journalist and Editor of the Parke County Sentinel. She resides in a rural town in the midwest with her husband and two children. Jessica recently graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with an MFA in Creative Writing and Teaching Degree in English while writing her first mystery novel. Jessica has a passion for writing that is only rivaled by her love of reading. In her spare time, you can find her outside with her family enjoying the fresh air.

Connect with Jessica on Twitter @jrlauthor or Instagram


I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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