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Book Review – Hunter’s Chase

Having listened to the audiobook of this last year, I was delighted to get another chance to read and review the e-book version of this excellent thriller. This fast-paced novel takes us around Edinburgh via the police detectives and the various criminals that inhabit this amazing city. The story twists and turns - the plot… Continue reading Book Review – Hunter’s Chase

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Anne Coates

To kick off my blog for the new year, I'm delighted to welcome crime thriller author, Anne Coates, to discuss the themes of her Hannah Weybridge series, and particularly the latest book, Stage Call.   Over to you, Anne... At the heart of my Hannah Weybridge crime thriller series is the fact that my protagonist… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Anne Coates

Jo's Books

The Excitement of a Cover Reveal

There's nothing like the feeling of the first cover reveal, the first book arriving on the doorstep and the first publication day. Nearly 3 years on, I haven't forgotten that thrill, and I don't think I ever will. There are echoes of it in every new book release. With my fourth book, and the second… Continue reading The Excitement of a Cover Reveal