Why I Write – Alice Castle

With great timing, I'm delighted to welcome Alice Castle to my blog on the day of her new book release. I can't wait to read The Invitation, which dropped into my Kindle this morning 🙂   Why I write by Alice Castle I just can’t help it. That’s by far the simplest answer to the… Continue reading Why I Write – Alice Castle

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The Excitement of a Cover Reveal

There's nothing like the feeling of the first cover reveal, the first book arriving on the doorstep and the first publication day. Nearly 3 years on, I haven't forgotten that thrill, and I don't think I ever will. There are echoes of it in every new book release. With my fourth book, and the second… Continue reading The Excitement of a Cover Reveal

Why I Write

Why I Write – Kevin Carey

I'm very excited today to welcome fellow Darkstroke author, poet and film-maker, Kevin Carey to my blog. I have always liked a good story. It's how I think about the world I guess, everyone has a story, right? I get to tap into those. The people and places I've known seem to be able find… Continue reading Why I Write – Kevin Carey

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Why I Write – Val Penny

Today is the start of my exciting new blog series, Why I Write. I'm thrilled to begin with my friend and fellow Darkstroke author, Val Penny... My Writing Journey - Val Penny Thank you for inviting me to visit your blog today. I have always enjoyed telling stories as well as listening to them. I… Continue reading Why I Write – Val Penny

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Joan Livingston

I'm very lucky today, as I have another guest on Thursday Themes! I'm delighted to welcome back Joan Livingston, who has joined me to talk about her latest novel... Small town life in Isabel Long Mystery Series: One of the themes in my Isabel Long Mystery Series is small town life. I’m talking about really… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Joan Livingston