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Why I Write – Susan King

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I’m thrilled today to welcome my friend and fellow writing group member, Susan King, to my blog to talk about her writing journey.

Thank you for inviting me to join you on your blog to talk about the theme ‘Why I Write’.

I suppose, like many, it all began with a love of reading. From a small child I would look forward to the family’s weekly visit to the library where I would max out my card and I still use the library on a regular basis to this day. So much reading from a young age may well be where my imagination developed and I remember making up stories (usually funny ones) for my siblings, friends and, later, my own children, for their amusement.

Whilst in secondary school, a kind teacher once told me, having given me an A* for a story I had written, that she thought I should consider writing a book. I never forgot that compliment and once my children had flown the coop I decided it was now or never.

My first novel took five years from first word to finished book. It wasn’t so much that the storyline was complicated, it was more to do with learning the art of writing as I went along. With help and support from writing buddies and friends, it eventually evolved into a story that was ready to be launched onto an unsuspecting world and I feel very grateful that Eye/Lightning Books believed in it enough to publish it and its sequel under the guise of ‘The Beattie Bramshaw Mysteries’. I am currently working on Book 3 of the series and have now reached the point where I can’t imagine writing not being a part of my day to day life.

For all those readers out there who aspire to write I would say, just do it!


About the Author:

Susan A King lives with her husband in a quiet suburb in Hampshire. Between them they have four grown-up sons, all of whom have now flown the nest.

The inspiration for her first novel, Marrow Jam, came from her long experience and observation of competitors at the annual Romsey Show, where she regularly aspires to win Best in Show with her floral arrangements. Marrow Jam, was shortlisted for the Write Here, Right Now novel competition, Bradford Literature Festival and is published by Eye/Lightning Books.

The second novel in her Beattie Bramshaw Mystery Series ‘Banana Devil Cake’ was published in January 2021.


Social media:

Twitter: @SusanKing63

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SusanKing63


Purchase Links:

Marrow Jam https://amzn.to/2JVws47

Banana Devil Cake amzn.to/2XIYR4g

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