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Why I Write – Caroline Harris

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Today, I am very excited to welcome one of my writing group friends, Caroline Harris, to talk about her writing motivations.

As a child I was inspired by Jim Corbett’s man-eating tiger tales. Angry at a teacher I wrote a story as if I was hunting such a tiger. My plot to shock, went awry when I had to read it out! This was the real beginning! Since then I have written or told stories throughout my life. I wrote an essay for a rotary competition entitled ‘Youth Today’ and my ‘reading’ went as far as New Zealand. The 1st prize was a book voucher which was spent on historical nonfiction. My novel ‘the Wave Queen’ was inspired by an 1872 ship’s cook’s diary which I inherited together with a handwritten will…
About the Author:
Married to policeman and forensic fingerprint expert for 57 years, Caroline has had a varied career mainly in travel even writing a regular column for the local newspaper! She has 3 children – 2 in Canada, one in Sussex. Her many hobbies include reading, art, travelling, patchwork and quilting…
Caroline has almost finished her next book, a historical novel set mainly in south Africa in1879 onwards.
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