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Thursday Themes – Dean Bryant

I'm delighted to welcome a new author, Dean Bryant, to my blog today. Dean's debut novel, The Stairwell will be released on 30th October, but if you're as excited as I am after reading about the themes, I'm sure you'll be clicking on the Amazon link at the bottom to get this pre-ordered! The Stairwell… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Dean Bryant


Thursday Themes – C.J. Sutton

I'm absolutely delighted to welcome C.J. Sutton to my blog today to discuss his debut novel, Dortmund Hibernates. I'm currently reading this and it's blowing my mind... A Step into the Darkness by C. J. Sutton I’m often asked where my story ideas come from. After people read my debut novel Dortmund Hibernate these questions… Continue reading Thursday Themes – C.J. Sutton