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Thursday Themes – Penny Hampson

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It’s my great pleasure today to welcome back Penny Hampson to my blog to talk about the themes of her latest novel, A Plethora of Phantoms.

Unsurprisingly, fear is a major theme running through my latest novel, A Plethora of Phantoms, it is a tale about haunted houses and poltergeist action after all. But I wanted to look at all aspects of fear – including the fear we manufacture for ourselves.

Freddie, my main protagonist, is consumed by fear, but strangely it is not the spectres he sees and hears that fill him with anxiety, it is the fear of being true to himself. Born into an aristocratic family and expected to take on the responsibilities of running the estate, Freddie feels that, if he tells the truth about himself, he will fall short of his father’s ideal of the perfect son.

When Freddie meets Marcus and starts to fall in love, he is faced with a dilemma. Should he give up his relationship with the person who makes his life complete or continue living his life as a sham?

It’s not that Freddie’s parents are unkind or demanding, the opposite in fact. His brothers and sister, like all siblings, can be annoying at times but there is no doubt that they all love Freddie. Despite all this, fear and doubt continue to gnaw at Freddie’s mind. Who wants a son who not only sees ghosts but is also gay?

When Freddie and Marcus team up to investigate the background of the sad spirit whose manifestations are linked with an antique dressing case, their clandestine relationship is put under more stress. Freddie’s continued procrastination about coming out to his parents is the last straw for Marcus and they split up.

But when Marcus unexpectedly disappears, Freddie knows he has to help. Forced to act when he sees his friend is in danger, Freddie realises that he cannot give Marcus up.

Freddie isn’t the only character in the story who has to face his fears. Charles, Freddie’s father, has been keeping secrets from his family too.

As I believe that it is often only our imagination and fear of the consequences that holds us back, it was interesting to explore this idea with my characters. Sometimes, what we are fearful of isn’t as bad as we expect, but it is only through facing our fears that we grow and become the people we are meant to be.

If you enjoy spooky stories with a touch of mystery and romance you can get A Plethora of Phantoms here:


About the Book:

What makes Freddie shiver? Is it the spooky happenings in his familys stately home? Or is it Marcus, the handsome antique dealer who Freddie thinks he cant have?

Freddie Lanyon has it all: a loving family, a privileged background, and a stately home filled with antiques. What his family don’t know is that Freddie is desperately unhappy.

Troubled by spirits that only he can see, Freddie Lanyon, the heir to Lanyon Park, is also in denial about his sexuality. It takes a meeting with handsome and psychic antique dealer, Marcus Spender, to convince Freddie that he might need to change.

When Freddie’s latest purchase of an antique dressing case triggers fresh poltergeist activity, he is awakened each night by an anguished spirit seeking help. Contacting the previous owner of the dressing case leads Freddie and Marcus on a journey to Cornwall, but what starts out as a straightforward quest soon turns into a challenge to their growing relationship.

Will Freddie’s restless spectral visitor be finally laid to rest? And will Freddie find the courage to be true to himself at last?

About the Author:

Penny Hampson writes history, mystery, and romance. Her first contemporary novel, The Unquiet Spirit, a ghostly, romantic mystery set in Cornwall, was published by Darkstroke in 2020 and was a contender for the Joan Hessayon Award 2021.

Penny has also written a series of Regency romances because, as a historian, there is nothing she likes more than researching her favourite period in history and bringing it to life.

Penny lives with her family in Oxfordshire, and when she is not writing, she enjoys reading, walking, swimming, and the odd gin and tonic (not all at the same time).


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Instagram: pennyhampsonauthor

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A Plethora of Phantoms: purchase link ~


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Dark Scotland includes ‘The Rowan Tree’, one of Penny’s short stories. All royalties go to two Scottish charities. Purchase link ~

Dark New Orleans includes Penny’s story ‘Missing’. All royalties go to two organisations: Habitat for Humanity and Save our Cemeteries. Purchase link ~

Tales of Empire: Four stories by authors exploring Britain’s Age of Empire includes Penny’s touching historical story ‘A Clean Sweep’. Purchase link ~




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