Why I Write

Why I Write – Richard E Rock

I'm very excited today to welcome fellow darkstroke author, Richard E Rock, to talk about his writing motivations. Thank you, Jo, for inviting me to feature in your wonderful blog and talk about why I write. Very simply, it’s because I have stories in me that need to come out. I frequently experience very vivid… Continue reading Why I Write – Richard E Rock

Author tips

Writing Hints and Tips – Genres

Choosing a genre to write can be the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes the genre will choose you. Other times, it's really tricky. Many authors write the book, and decide afterwards if it will fit into a specific genre. If it doesn't, it might fit the criteria of literary fiction. "Literary fiction is a… Continue reading Writing Hints and Tips – Genres

Why I Write

Why I Write – Anne-Marie Ormsby

I'm delighted to welcome fellow Darkstroke author, Anne-Marie Ormsby, to my blog today.   Why I write… Thanks for having me on your blog, its an honour! I wrote my first story when I was 9 – it was for a school project on Deserts and it was just a descriptive piece describing a day… Continue reading Why I Write – Anne-Marie Ormsby

Themes, Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Dean Bryant

I'm delighted to welcome a new author, Dean Bryant, to my blog today. Dean's debut novel, The Stairwell will be released on 30th October, but if you're as excited as I am after reading about the themes, I'm sure you'll be clicking on the Amazon link at the bottom to get this pre-ordered! The Stairwell… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Dean Bryant