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Thursday Themes – Olga Swan

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I’m delighted to welcome Olga Swan back to my blog – this time to talk about the themes of her new novel.


Thank you so much Jo for allowing me on your blog. I’ve been working towards The Meleke Stone for over 70 years. It’s a novel with a strong underlying message. Read the blurb below and ask whether you’re ready for the 4000 year journey of the meleke stone. Follow the story via Toulouse, Warsaw, Cairo through to Jerusalem and read the historical truths about Sodom and Gomorrah, the Maccabees and what happened during the 6 day war in the Sinai.  But above all, recognise the lifelong friendship between a Jewish man and and an Egyptian Muslim. Enjoy!


About the Book:

meleke stone from the ancient plains of the Dead Sea is passed down by generations of females through four thousand years.

In 2019 Sami, the son of Egyptian immigrants in Toulouse, is traumatised by the family’s hardships in France and plots revenge.

Menes, Sami’s father from Cairo, had emigrated to France in search of peace. An unlikely friendship forms with Holocaust-survivor Moshe, each recognising their past struggles.

Suddenly, a terrorist bomb explodes in a Toulouse synagogue. Moshe asks his son Simon to produce a film showing the true history of his people from the time of Sodom and Gomorrah.

What will happen to Moshe’s and Menes’ special relationship when an intrepid French detective’s efforts to find the terrorist reveal the horrifying truth?

In a soul-searching conclusion in Jerusalem, having no female descendant to whom to give the meleke stone, there’s only one thing that Simon can do to maintain the survival of his people for all eternity.

…..are you ready for the four thousand year journey of the meleke stone?”

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About the Author:

Olga has a B.A. Hons. (Open) in English language and literature.  For many years she worked at The University of Birmingham, following which she spent twelve years living in S.W. France before returning to Birmingham in 2017.  She has had 7 books (3 NF) published by indie publisher Crooked Cat Books, which has now closed. Three of Olga’s works are narrative non-fiction, one of which (Pensioners in Paradis) is approaching one million pages read and is already a four-times international best-seller.  A 2nd edition of this and of An Englishwoman in America have now been reprinted. Three novels form a series set in wartime Germany, France and Poland. Dunoon Assassin  moves between NY, Dunoon and Amritsar.

Blog: Written every Sunday for 13 years with hundreds of regular readers each week from around the world.

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  1. 70 years my goodness me, how wonderful to achieve your dream. Congrats and good luck. What am interesting title and plot. I love it. I shall go and take a look. Thanks Jo for introducing Olga to us.

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