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Okay, so I’m 2 days later than promised – sorry! It’s been a funny week with little bits of stuff going on, more to follow on that…

It took me four days after my 5k before I felt able to get my running shoes back on – I can’t believe how tired I was for days after that Sunday. Anyway, finally on the Thursday I reminded myself of my aims to run 10k by September, and to start Parkrun regularly, so I donned my lovely purple Asics, black base layer and black and purple leggings (it sounds far more colour coordinated that it actually is). I hit my local streets for a 20 minute run. I like being told when I’m half way, so I started the C25k app for Week 5 D3, which suited my purposes beautifully.

Half an hour later (including the warm up and cool down walks) I staggered back inside – hot, sweaty and knackered. More work needed!!!

I have a slight problem in that I live on a hill. Again, it sounds more picturesque than it is – please don’t go visualising a lone cottage at the top of hill in the middle of beautiful countryside! I live on a pleasant estate surrounded by other houses, and 10 minutes walk from the local shops. Anyway, back to the hill! It has its advantages, but to a runner, it basically means that I do the downhill run (when I’m feeling fresh and raring to go) on the way out. Then when I’m exhausted, and the only thing keeping me going is a strange stubbornness that won’t let me give in, it’s uphill all the way!

However, it’s good training for the Heaton Park parkrun – where they have the infamous (to locals) bit of the route affectionately (or not) known as Angina Hill! I’ve done park run once before -about a year ago – and vaguely recall struggling up this landmark – twice. From what I remember, the route planners decided once wasn’t enough!

Since last Thursday I’ve been out a couple of times, a bit further each time. One more run tomorrow, I’ll do a 40 minute trot around the local area – hills and all! Hopefully I should be fully ‘match fit’ for Saturday’s park run – see you there if you’re going 🙂




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