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It’s publication week for Megan Mayfair’s latest release, Tangled Vines, and I’m delighted to welcome Megan to my blog today to discuss the themes of her new novel.

Over to you, Megan…


My new book, Tangled Vines, is a romance, family saga and ‘lifelit’ novel set in the Heathcote and Bendigo areas, which is in the north-west of Victoria in Australia. It’s about a photographer fleeing a public scandal, a winery owner battling his family to keep his dream alive, and a romantic novelist with a more complicated history than any of her books.

In Tangled Vines, there are a couple of themes I wanted to explore. One is about perception – how do people see us, compared to how we see ourselves? Amelia, is a photographer, and for much of her life, she has viewed herself through the wrong lens. The way that Frederick sees her is very different to how she has viewed herself but is his perception of her more real? Meanwhile, as part of a wealthy family, Frederick has always been gossiped about and talked about – he’s sort of used to it but has he bought into the local rumour mill? Is he actually a better person than what he gives himself credit for?

The other theme I wanted to explore in this book is knowing what you really want. Amelia notes that in being asked what she wants out of her life, that for such a simple question, she can’t answer it. And Frederick, why does he want to fight so hard to keep his business? Is it what he really wants?

As Amelia and Frederick get to know each other, they realise they are facing similar battles, but can things work out between them?


About the author:

Megan Mayfair is an Australian writer who writes women’s fiction with a dash of family intrigue, a sprinkling of humour and a spoonful of romance. And a lot of heart.

Megan lives in Melbourne with her husband and three children, loves a good cup of coffee and believes you can never have too many scarves.

Her debut novel, The Things We Leave Unsaid, is published by Crooked Cat Books. Her second novel, Tangled Vines, and third novel, The Problem With Perfect, will also be published by Crooked Cat Books.


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