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The Refuge – Cover Reveal and Release Date

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One of the most fun parts of getting published is getting involved in the cover design. I’m very lucky in that my publisher, Crooked Cat, views the process as a team effort, and the author is very much involved.

I have also been fortunate enough to get an endorsement for the front cover of my book from the talented Katherine Johnson, author of The Silence, The Secret, and the soon to be released, The Suspects.

So, the much awaited front cover is here…

The Refuge - cover pic

The building is the same as on the cover of The Brotherhood, but from a more welcoming angle to reflect the changed status. However, not all is well, and there are threats from both inside and outside the abbey…

Release announcement:

The release date has also now been announced. The Refuge will become available on eBook and in paperback on 28 May 2019.

There will be launch events, online and in person – so watch this space as details will follow!

The Refuge May 28 2019 - Banner

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