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Thursday Themes – Carrie-Ann Schless

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It’s my great pleasure today to invite Carrie-Ann Schless to my blog, to discuss her latest novel, out just yesterday, Another Woman’s Child.

Over to you, Carrie-Ann…


Another Woman’s Child, the sequel to my debut Novel Another Woman’s Man, is a light-hearted read, but it does cover some dark themes in its pages.

Here I will uncover the main themes that both books cover!

Theme One, and the most important theme in all of my books is relationships. I cover them all. Husband and Wife, Mother and Daughter, best friends, exes, and strangers brought together. I believe that relationships are so important in our lives and our friends are the family we chose for ourselves. People who have read Another Woman’s Man commented about the friendship she has with Kat, and it’s still strong in this one!

Theme Two, family. This may sound the same as the first but we follow Casey on a journey through both books of finding out she will never carry a child to term, to finding a way of fulfilling her dream. It’s like everything else has fallen into place in her life and she is fighting to be a mum!

Theme Three, sexual harassment and rape. Sadly, the #metoo movement brought to my attention just how many people have been effected by harassment! Every woman and quite a few men I spoke to at the time had a story. Casey also has an encounter or two with a very unruly character at her gym.

Blurb for Another Woman’s Child:
Casey Turner has it all: The perfect husband. The perfect job.

But not the perfect family.

All she’s ever wanted is to be a mum. But a chance meeting throws her life into turmoil as her husband’s ‘blast from the past’ sends her perfect world crashing down.

Will Casey ever get the perfect family she’s always wanted? And will it ever be possible to let Joshua’s past be a part of their future?

About the Author:

Carrie-Ann lives in South East England with her three children, her cats and her dog with her mum just a short drive away. She is never bored. She fills her time with reading, writing, tv series binge watching, amateur dramatics, dog walks, dinner with friends, the park, taking her children to clubs and the odd glass or three of something alcoholic.

Carrie-Ann is a self confessed Social Media addict who can normally be found somewhere floating around the World Wide Web. However, learning to use it for marketing has been a trying experience.

She would love you to get in touch by connecting to her on Facebook or on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other sites. All can be found at as well as her blog.


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