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Thursday Themes – Olga Swan

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Today it’s my great pleasure to welcome Olga Swan to my blog, with her timely release of An Englishwoman in America. I can’t wait to read this.

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Many thanks Jo for inviting me onto your wonderful blog.  As I write this, the American president is in London for a state visit, so this is the perfect time for the imminent release of my new, non-fiction, book An Englishwoman in America. I have attempted to cover seventy years of the differences between the British and the Americans, as well as delving back a few centuries to when the Pilgrim Fathers first set sail for the New World.

But essentially my book is about humour: how the British, over the ages, have viewed America and vice versa. Additionally, as my paternal grandmother spoke fluent Yiddish, I take a look at how Yiddish influenced past American comedians like Jack Benny, George Burns and Groucho Marks, plus the rise of Yiddish theater in early 20th century New York, as it drew in a multitude of  E. European immigrants, newly-arrived on Ellis Island.

So, An Englishwoman in America is a humorous look at how the British and the Americans view each other. From 1950s Britain to Donald Trump’s America, no-one is left unscathed. How are Britain and America divided over subjects such as language, culture, humour, sport, government, gun laws, patriotism, and even sex?

You can find out how my humorous account drew much from the reasons why my love for America was first kindled, followed by my views on the way of life in New York, Florida, New England, Arizona, Nevada and California.

…and, don’t miss at the end my hilarious guide where I pin-point just how the Americans and the British do things very differently.

Grab the paperback or pre-order now:  mybook/anenglishwoman.  Official release date: 11 June 2019.

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Thank you Jo.  I wish you much success with your own books.



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