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Why I Write – Carynn Bohley

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I’m delighted to welcome fabulous young writer, Carynn Bohley to my blog today to talk about her writing motivations.

I’ve always thought of writing as a superpower. In a world where magic is strictly found in art or in metaphorical conversation, I find it refreshing that there are people who can bring fantasy to life. As one such person, I have the ability to not only fabricate events and emotions, but also preserve them. Writers can construct worlds, people and places however they wish, and once their projects are complete, these imaginary constructions remain existent separate from their creator.

This is what I find to be so fascinating. The idea that my work could impact someone’s life even if I’ve never met them; even after I leave this world, my characters and stories will live on.

I don’t even remember beginning to write; when I think back to my early childhood, I just remember writing. I’m always finding books that I wrote when I was only a few years old (Dog and Cat go to the Playground is a personal favorite), and I’m amazed by how much I’ve grown.

Now, at seventeen, I have a whole life of learning and opportunities ahead of me. I’m so happy to have been able to sign with Darkstroke at such a young age, because I hope to inspire other teenage writers. I want them to see that they don’t have to wait to achieve their dreams; if they’re passionate enough, and they’re willing to do their very best without giving up, they can do it, too.

As to what inspires me, I find inspiration everywhere. It’s in my dreams. It’s in the nearly invisible glint of indigo in a raven’s feather. In the scent of perfume, or the specific angle of a ray of light that streams past my eye.

I’m also a big fan of whimsical movies, because they make me think in a unique way. Some of my favorites include The Little Prince and What Dreams May Come. 

Sound is also a source of inspiration, and I don’t just mean music. I like to listen to sounds of nature, like thunderstorms, rainforest noises, and whale calls. They help me to surround myself with my stories, rather than just seeing them in front of me on my computer screen. In a way, it makes it easier to transport into the soul of my project.

I’ve heard other writers complain about not being inspired or getting ideas often enough, but for me, I have quite the opposite problem. I can’t help skipping from project to project as inspiration hits, and when I’m too busy to write, the inspiration bottles up inside of me until I feel like I might explode.

Still, I end up coming back to most of my projects, even if it takes some time. I think that sometimes we’re just not at the right point in our lives to complete a book. Maybe we have to experience some other things before we continue, so we can add a deeper perspective to the story when we return to it.

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Carynn Bohley is a 17-year-old author and college student. While she writes and publishes in her free time, she hopes to discover the great secrets of the animal kingdom as a wildlife biologist.

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