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Thursday Themes – Ros Rendle

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We have a double helping of Thursday Themes today! First, I’m excited to introduce Ros Rendle, an author who is new to me, but whose book is now high on my TBR pile after reading this great post about the themes of her latest novel, The Warring Heart.

Over to you, Ros…


The Warring Heart is the second in a series of books surrounding a family during the first half of the 20th century. There are two more books accepted for publication and a fifth on the way. The first, Sisters At War, has been well-received judging by the reviews and readers’ awards so far.

The series explores the difficulties and stressful situations in which people find themselves, when away and, equally, left at home during times of world hostilities. Sometimes secrets of the protagonists own making lead to experiences where:

Duty can be at odds with loyalty, and in conflict with desire.

These first two books are set during WW1 and follow the characters, male and female as they experience life in France and Belgium and at home. However, these are relationship stories, and while there are trials for the characters and some experiences are gripping or page-turning, readers are able to feel satisfied with the endings.

It’s been fun to write a series which enables the writer, and the reader, to meet up with people from previous books. As in real life, it’s good to catch up with old friends, find out what’s been happening, and discover what they are doing next which is gratifying.

England, 1914. When the man she loves deserts her, young Pretoria Redfern is left broken-hearted. Facing public embarrassment, and shame her parents advise becoming betrothed to another as quickly as possible to deflect gossip and scandal which is rife in the small community.
Shy family friend, Nathanial Moore, has returned from abroad following his own experience and recovery from rejection. He soon asks for her hand. Harbouring a secret love for Pretoria, he is eager to help protect her from scandal. Sensing his kindness and honesty, Pretoria accepts his offer and although she doesn’t love him, she tentatively settles into married life.
But with Britain at war with Germany, the newlyweds’ peace is soon disturbed. Feeling duty-bound to serve his country, Nathanial enlists and leaves for the front line in Europe.  Though not yet in love with her husband, Pretoria misses his warmth and companionship.
When a shadow from her past reappears, to whom should she be loyal and where does her duty lie? Pretoria must decide where happiness truly exists …

Will Nathanial survive the war?

Will Pretoria learn to open her heart to him, or will the distance drive them further apart…?
The Warring Heart is a breath-taking romantic military saga set in war-time England and Europe during World War I.

Having lived for many years in Northern France among the sites of the World War 1 battle sites, research both there and at the records office in Kew, London, has been fascinating and enabled me to include actual events without being too graphic, believing that sometimes, less is more. Since my grandfather is mentioned in the War Diaries for the battle of the Somme, my interest is direct, and it has been important to honour the hidden heroes of the time with honesty while engaging the reader in a story to remember.

All my books can be found at: : ros rendle

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About the Author:

As a head teacher, Ros’s writing involved documents, essays and stories to which children enjoyed listening. Currently she undertakes the harder challenge of writing fiction for adults.

With married daughters and four granddaughters she shares many heart-warming times. Now, retired, and returned from France after eleven years away, she loves it.

Ros is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, Historical Novelists’ Society, and the Society of Authors as well as a founder member of the Deepings Literary Festival committee.





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