Why I Write

Why I Write – Interview with Miriam Drori

For my second guest today, I've changed the format a little. My lovely friend Miriam Drori has joined me for an interview on the subject of Why I Write... (with Miriam as the interviewer and interviewee!)   An Interview of Miriam Drori by Miriam Drori Why do you write? In order to answer that question,… Continue reading Why I Write – Interview with Miriam Drori

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Miriam Drori

I'm delighted to welcome Miriam Drori back to my blog today to discuss the themes of her exciting new novel, brilliantly titled 'Cultivating a Fuji'. Thank you, Jo. I’m delighted to be able to bring the themes of my brand-new novel, Cultivating a Fuji, to your esteemed blog. The main theme of the novel is… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Miriam Drori