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Thursday Themes – Karla Forbes

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It’s very exciting today, as I’m introducing the author of a thrilling new series. Karla Forbes is here to introduce the first of her Nick Sullivan thrillers…

I was casting around for a plot one day when someone told me about a rumour circulating during the cold war, that the Russians had developed a nuclear bomb that could be hidden in a suitcase. I carried out some research and discovered that it was almost undoubtedly true so I had the basis for my book. But I also wanted to explore what happens when someone has everything that they think is essential in life only to have it ripped away from them without warning. So, Nick Sullivan was born – a wealthy Hedge Fund manager who seems to be living the dream. His wages have bought him a yacht, a sports car and a beautiful wife but one day, when he and his friend Tim are sailing in the English Channel, they stop to help three men whose boat has broken down and Tim is viciously murdered. Nick escapes with his life by throwing himself overboard but during the Police investigation, it comes to light that Tim and Nick’s wife were having an affair. With nothing to substantiate Nick’s story, suspicion naturally falls on him and when evidence appears to be mounting against him, he panics and goes on the run. With one brutal stroke, he has lost everything he previously thought was important; his wife, his livelihood, his status in society and probably his freedom.

The skills that have served him so well in his high powered job in the city now help him track down the three murderers as he attempts to find them and prove his innocence. But as he does everything in his power to evade capture, he doesn’t realise that every law enforcement agency in the country is hunting him down, not for Tim’s murder but for what he and Tim inadvertently saw when they were on the boat. For unbeknown to Nick, the British Government is being blackmailed by the three criminals and unless their demands are met, a nuclear terror attack will be unleashed somewhere in Britain.

The British Government steadfastly stick to their policy of never doing a deal with terrorist but time is running out. The problem for the authorities is that Nick is as good at evading capture as he was at making money in the city. An even bigger problem for the three terrorists is that Nick is clever and tenacious and has too much to lose to give up. He is closing in on them but will time run out before he finds them?

The clock is ticking.

‘Fallout’ is the first book in a series of thrillers featuring Nick Sullivan. I have also written five other, standalone thrillers all available to download from Amazon.

About the Book:

A group of unknown terrorists are blackmailing the British government with a quantity of plutonium left over from the Cold War.

Only one man knows their identity and can prevent a disaster, but he is on the run for a murder he didn’t commit and has no intention of being found.

Whilst the authorities attempt to track him down, they pin their hopes on the thought that a bunch of amateurs wouldn’t have knowledge of how to deal with nuclear technology, and the worst they could manage might be a dirty bomb. After all, everyone knows it’s not really that dangerous: people run away from the explosion, and the radiation drifts harmlessly into the atmosphere.

But what if the terrorists had found a way to keep the radiation near to the ground, and to encourage people to hang around, breathing in death? What if when you invite them to their own slaughter, they come willingly?

It would be dangerous then, wouldn’t it?

The clock is ticking…

About the Author:

Karla Forbes first began writing books when she was twelve years old. Heavily influenced by Ian Fleming, she wrote about guns, fast cars and spies. Naturally, she knew nothing of her chosen subject and was forced to use her imagination to make it up as she went along. These books, half a dozen in total, ended up being thrown out with the rubbish. Several years later, she dabbled in a futuristic sitcom and a full length horror story. Although both of these efforts were also consigned to literary oblivion, at least no one could have accused her of being in a genre rut.She began writing properly more than fourteen years ago and her first book, The Preacher was published on Amazon in July 2011. It was then that she realised that her true passion was thrillers and the Nick Sullivan series was born. She writes about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations and she aims for unusual but scarily believable plots each with a surprising twist. Her search history has encompassed everything from plutonium and dirty bombs to blowing up Grangemouth, the biggest refinery in Europe, and she is pinning her hopes on her books providing an alibi if MI5 ever come calling.

Fallout is available from Amazon:

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