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Thursday Themes – Pam Lecky

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I’m delighted to welcome the first of two authors to my blog today. I ‘met’ both of these authors in the UK Crime Book Club group, and it’s a great pleasure to see them here. First up today is Pam Lecky, and I’ll hand over to Pam to introduce her latest book and the themes…


Hello Jo, thanks for inviting me to talk a little about the themes in my new release, No Stone Unturned. This book is the first in my new series, The Lucy Lawrence Mysteries, and is set in late Victorian London and Yorkshire.

The overriding theme of the book is how a typical Victorian lady copes with sudden adversity. Trapped in an unhappy marriage, Lucy suddenly finds herself an independent woman. During the book we go on a journey of discovery with her, as she realises just how strong she really is in the face of all the trouble I throw her way! (And trust me, there’s plenty of it.)

Life for women in the Victorian age was very restricted and depending on your class, strict rules applied. I wanted to explore how a relatively young woman, with a strong enough personality and high intelligence (but poorly educated – parents didn’t bother much if you weren’t the heir), would cope within the confines of a troubled marriage. Would she accept her lot or chafe at the bit? But in Lucy’s case, with no money and estranged from her family, she could not walk away. To do so, would be social ruin. Of course, it was never as scandalous for the man. However, when circumstances finally release her (her husband’s sudden death), she struggles to find her way. Pretty much every man in her life so far has betrayed her on some level for their own ends. As a result, Lucy finds it difficult to trust her fate to any man.

There is a pivotal point in the story when she realises she must take her destiny into her own hands and she sets out on a dangerous adventure in pursuit of the truth about her late husband and his less than legal activities.

Lucy was a joy to write and I have just finished the draft of the sequel in which she continues to explore the world and find her feet, solving a few crimes along the way. Ironically, No Stone Unturned was originally supposed to be about the investigator Phineas Stone (hence the title) but as I began to explore Lucy’s voice, she began to overtake poor Mr Stone completely. I ended up rewriting the entire book to tell her story, and I am so glad I did.

Another theme, which emerged as I explored Lucy’s story, was the strong reliance on female friendship. I suspect this is what sustained many Victorian women, finding themselves in similar circumstances to Lucy. As the story progresses, Lucy comes to rely more and more on her maid Mary, who also begins to shine with talents hitherto unknown, namely a penchant for spying and intrigue. And when trouble does strike, it is her friends, Judith and Sarah, who Lucy turns to.

I hope you may find Lucy’s tale entertaining and enjoyable; I certainly had a lot of fun writing it. Thank you Jo for hosting me today.




No Stone Unturned, Book 1 of the Lucy Lawrence Mysteries is now available on Amazon Worldwide. Buy Link:

A suspicious death, stolen gems and an unclaimed reward: who will be the victor in a deadly game of cat and mouse?

London October 1886: Trapped in a troubled marriage, Lucy Lawrence is ripe for an adventure. But when she meets the enigmatic Phineas Stone, over the body of her husband in the mortuary, her world begins to fall apart.


When her late husband’s secrets spill from the grave, and her life is threatened by the leader of London’s most notorious gang, Lucy must find the strength to rise to the challenge. But who can she trust and how is she to stay out of the murderous clutches of London’s most dangerous criminal?

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Author Bio:

Pam Lecky is an Irish historical fiction author, writing crime, mystery, romance and the supernatural. Pam is represented by the Hardman & Swainson Literary Agency in London. She is a member of the Historical Novel Society and the Society of Authors and has a particular love of the late Victorian era/early 20th Century.

Her debut novel, The Bowes Inheritance, was awarded the B.R.A.G Medallion; shortlisted for the Carousel Aware Prize 2016; and long-listed for the Historical Novel Society 2016 Indie Award.

Her short stories are available in an anthology, entitled Past Imperfect, which was published in April 2018.

June 2019, sees the release of the first book in the Lucy Lawrence Mystery series, No Stone Unturned, a fast-paced Victorian mystery/crime, set in London and Yorkshire. The sequel, Footprints in the Sand will be released later this year.

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  1. Wow Pam, this is fab, and such an interesting interview. Many congrats on everything, I am so excited for you. Wishing you much success. Jane xx

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