Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Pam Lecky

I'm delighted to welcome the first of two authors to my blog today. I 'met' both of these authors in the UK Crime Book Club group, and it's a great pleasure to see them here. First up today is Pam Lecky, and I'll hand over to Pam to introduce her latest book and the themes...… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Pam Lecky


Thursday Themes – Kate Braithwaite

I'm delighted to welcome Kate Braithwaite to my blog today. I'm currently in the middle of reading The Road to Newgate, and thoroughly enjoying it! Over to you, Kate... The Road to Newgate is set in Restoration London. It’s a historical crime novel based on the true events of the Popish Plot when an unknown… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Kate Braithwaite