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Writing Hints and Tips – How To Write Every Day

For those authors who write for their day job, it should be relatively straightforward to find time to write, but even they can find that time disappears more quickly than a disapparating wizard. It is even more challenging for the rest of us, trying to fit writing (and often editing and marketing) into a day… Continue reading Writing Hints and Tips – How To Write Every Day

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Why I Write – Angela Fish

It's my great pleasure today to welcome Darkstroke author, Angela Fish to my blog to discuss her writing journey. Why I write… Thank you so much for inviting me to visit your blog today to share my writing motivation and journey with you. As a baby and young child I was badly asthmatic and I… Continue reading Why I Write – Angela Fish

Why I Write

Why I Write – Michelle Cook

I'm very excited today to welcome fellow Darkstroke author, Michelle Cook to my blog. Read on to discover what compels Michelle to write. Thank you so much for having me, Jo. I’m feeling philosophical these days so the subject of why I write is perfect for the moment! I’ll be honest. When I started out… Continue reading Why I Write – Michelle Cook

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Yvonne Marjot

I'm thrilled to welcome Yvonne Marjot to my blog today to discuss the themes of her latest novel, released on Sunday. I’m going to talk about the themes of Walking on Wild Air. However, I’m going to try and do it in a way that doesn’t spoil the story, for those of you who haven’t… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Yvonne Marjot

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Olga Swan

Today it's my great pleasure to welcome Olga Swan to my blog, with her timely release of An Englishwoman in America. I can't wait to read this. Many thanks Jo for inviting me onto your wonderful blog.  As I write this, the American president is in London for a state visit, so this is the… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Olga Swan

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Sue Barnard

I'm delighted to welcome my lovely friend and editor, Sue Barnard to my Thursday Themes blog today. Sue's new book, Finding Nina is out on Monday, and I can't wait to read it. One of the main threads running throughout Finding Nina is the theme of illegitimacy.  The eponymous Nina’s whole life takes a particular… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Sue Barnard

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Kate Braithwaite

I'm so lucky today - a double helping of Thursday Themes (like double chocolate pudding but without the calories!). It's my great pleasure to welcome back Kate Braithwaite to my blog, to discuss the themes of her latest novel. Over to you, Kate...   For those who have never come across her before, Nellie Bly… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Kate Braithwaite

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – Miriam Drori

I'm delighted to welcome Miriam Drori back to my blog today to discuss the themes of her exciting new novel, brilliantly titled 'Cultivating a Fuji'. Thank you, Jo. I’m delighted to be able to bring the themes of my brand-new novel, Cultivating a Fuji, to your esteemed blog. The main theme of the novel is… Continue reading Thursday Themes – Miriam Drori

Thursday Themes

Thursday Themes – C.J. Sutton

I'm hugely excited today to have C.J. Sutton visiting my Thursday Themes blog. I had the privilege of getting a sneak preview of This Strange Hell and am hugely honoured to have my review on the front cover of this brilliant novel. Over to you now, C.J. to tell us about the themes... Thursday Themes… Continue reading Thursday Themes – C.J. Sutton